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Tour Name:  Turkey Classic Archeological Tour

Type: Private Tour or Small Group Tour

Start & End Point: Istanbul Airports 

Operates: Everyday / All Year Round

Tour duration: 9 Nights / 10 Days

Transport: (According to size of your party) Minivan / Minibus / Coach

Stay: (Accommodations in your choice of hotels) Budget / 3 Star / Boutique / 4 Star / 5 Star & Deluxe Hotels

Size: Minimum 1 Person

Asia Minor Archeological tour 9 N 10 Days
The best season fort he tour : April, May, till 15 June and from 15 September till 15 November )
High Light of the tour :

Pergamum-Sardes-Ephesus-Aphrodisias-Pamukkale-Priene-Didyma, Miletos, Bodrum, Dalyan, Fethiye, Xhantos, Letoon, Myra, Sunke City, Phasalis, Side, Aspendos, Perge

Day 1 : Arrival to Izmir airport  and transfer to Hotel
Meal : Not included
Hotel : 4 Stars hotel

Day 2  : Izmir- Pergamum- Sardes- Izmir  ( 375  km )
After we have our breakfast at hotel we depart at 0800 am tp pergamum . Today we visit :

• Pergamum Acropolis The place where parchment  paper was inventedand the ruins
of the city too including, Zeus Altar , Athena Temple, The Trajan Temple  , theater and the ruins of the Palaces of the kings of Pergamum Kingdom which was established in 3 C Bc and reigned till 132 BC. (listed by Unesco in the world heritage list)
* Asclepion the healing center of Pergamum where the psychotherapy  was practiced and home of Galinus   the famous physician of the Roman Era.
We depart to Sasrdes afternoon. Upon arrival we visit :

*Sardes which was the capital city of the Lydians where the first coin was minted . Here we visit The Gymnasium, Artemis temple , the gold refinery and the third most ancient  synagogue in the world. .

Back to Izmir .
Meal : breakfast Lunch and dinner
Hotel : 4 Stars hotel

Day 3 : Izmir-Ephesus- Kusadasi  ( 150 KM )

After breakfast at hotel  Izmir city  tour

 Izmir Konak (the Tower) we will visit the historical tower which was built in 20th C. and symbol of Izmir.
Pierre Konak ( which was a fish market in the past now used as a luxury shopping center ). and Kemeralti Bazaar After the Grand Bazaar it is the second biggest traditional market in Turkey. Drive from Izmir to Ephesus  upon arrival we visit :

• Ephesus Ancient City  The biggest Roman City of Anatolia

• Artemis Temple One of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

* Saint John Tomb and Basilica ( Saint john escaped from Jerusalem to Ephesus  he lived here and died  here too. His tomb which is housed by a church built  in later centuries.

Day 4 : Kuşadasi-Aphrodisias -Pamukkale ( 275 Km )

Today we will visit :

• Aphrodisias Ancient city ( City of Aphrodite the goddess of the love ) which has excellent  Roman Stadium and Museum which has the best marble statues and reliefs collection in Turkey)

• Pamukkale white Travertines (listed by Unesco in the world heritage list) and  Hierapolis Ancient city's ruins and check in Spa Hotel .
Meal : breakfast Lunch and dinner
Hotel : 4 Stars hotel

Day 5: Pamukkale- Priene- Miletos-Didim-Bodrum  ( 378 km )

After breakfast at hotel  we depart at 0800 am to Bodrum.

On teh way we stop to visit :

*Priene Ancient city;which was established around 10 C BC and later developed in Helenistic and Roman Period.We see Athena temple, Teh City wlls, The Parlement, Thetaher etc.
*Didyma Which is famous for its magnificent Apollon Temple.
*Miletos Ancient city  which was built around 16 C Bc and later conquered by the Greeks. Miletos was a trade center and people of Miletos established many trade colonies in the world .
* Bafa Lake which was  a part of teh Aegean Sea and and seperated from the möain sea with silt of Meandros River . We have a tea break and photo stop at this beautiful point and view Latmos Mountains
Meal : breakfast Lunch and dinner
Hotel : 4 Stars hotel

Day 6 : Bodrum –Caunos- Fethiye
Today we visit Bodrum Castle which was built by  Saint John knights in 15 C Ad  and is used as an under water archeological musuem. The findings  from the ship wrecakge  in the region are displayed in the castke today.
Departure to Dalyan.

Upon arrival we  embark on a private boat and sail in the river which is connecting Koycegiz Lake with Aegean Sea. We view the great rock tombs of the Lycian which were carved into the cliff of the  mountian. We disemabrk and visit Caunos Ancient city Ruins . We keep sailing till IZtuzu beach and free time for swimming .
Afternoon we depart to Fethiye , arrival and check in hotel
Meal : breakfast Lunch and dinner
Hotel : 4 Stars hotel

Day 7 Fethiye – Kas ( 175 km )
Today we visit the ruins of the Lycians who lived in this part of Anatolia  as early as 20 th century  BC . Originally an Anatolian nation  the Lycians were sailors and they established their cities on the mountainous area and carved their tombs onto teh cliff of the mountains. They established a federal system which was modelled  by USA  in the 19 C.
* Tlos Ancient City which was one of teh biggest of the Lycian Cities. We see the Necropolis, Acropolis, Temple of Cronos , and theather.
* Xhantos  one of the Lycian cities which was the  Capital city of the Lycians League  for a while . Xhantos people fought the Persians and when they were defeated by Persians they killed their children andtheir  wives,  burned the city and commited suicide alltogether before the Persians entered the city. ( Xhantos listed by Unesco in the world culturel and heritage list )
*Letoon Ancient City : Letoon according to the  Greek Myhtology was named after Leto the goddess , mother of Artemis and Apolloon. Here we see the temples of Leto , Apollo and Artemis .
* Patara Anciet city where the parliament of the Lycians league is. Here we see the ruins of the city and Patara beach  and depart to Kas.
After arrival to Kas we check in hotel.
Meal : breakfast Lunch and dinner
Hotel : 4 Stars hotel

Day 8 :  Kas- Antalya  ( 230 Km )
We drive to the sunken city. We embark on boat and sail into the sea to see Ucagiz ( Dolichiste City) which was sunken into the water of Mediterranean after an earth quake in 2 C AD.
After disembark from the boat we drive to Antalya . On the way first stop is Demre. We will see Saint Nicholas church and his  tomb here and the rock –tombs of Myra which were  carved into the cliff of the mountain and see  the theater of Myra.


Afternoon we visit Phasalis Ancient city which was established on shores of Mediterranean as a trade center and has 3 ports. Here we visit the ruins of the city the ancient ports a swimming break on beach of Phasalis  and depart to Antalya and check in hotel
Meal : breakfast Lunch and dinner
Hotel : 4 Stars hotel

Day 9  : Antalya
Today we explore ancient cities of Pamhilia Region.
We visit :
Aspendos Theather ( A Roman Period-2 C AD theather which is still used for some performances even today

Perge : An anceint city which was established as early as 12 C BC and then occupied and re-built by the greeks and romans in ater cneteries. Here we see the stadium, the helenistic gate, the Agora, The colonaded streets .
* Side Apollon Temple  which was built on shores of Mediterranean to protect the sailors
*Duden waterfall ( One of the best waterfalls in Turkey )
and back to the hotel
Meal : breakfast Lunch and dinner
Hotel : 4 Stars hotel

Day 10 : Transfer from hotel to Antalya Airport
Meal : breakfast

***Please ask for the best price of the season!



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