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Istanbul is one of the oldest cities which has been inhabited by mankind. It has been inhabited continously for 2700 years  . 'If the world was one Empire Istanbul would be capital of this empire 'says Napoleon.
Indeed Istanbul is deserved to be capital city of the world. The Roman Emperer Constantine the Great chose Istanbul the second capital of his empire. After Rome Empire is divided into east and west in 395 AD  Istanbul became capital of Byzantine Empire  ( Eastern Rome ) .Istanbul's glory ages continued after Ottoman Empire conquered it. Istanbul served to Ototoman Empire as a capital city for 500 years . The city was embellished with many palaces , churches , mosques,synagogues, towers, villa type houses around the bosphorus ,bazaars when it was capital of these three empires. It is a bridge between Europe and Asia in term of geography and culture . Shortly Istanbul is the city where the east meets the west   Everybody would like to spend very long time in this beautiful & historic city but very few would have so long holiday. So we provide private and group tours to the most visited places of Istanbul. Such as Palaces in Istanbul, Museums and Ancient churches, Ottoman mosques, Underground Cisterns, City Walls & Towers, Bazaars, Bosphorus & Princess Islands. Besides these highlights we do organize day tours to many sites around Istanbul:  to Black Sea Coast, Bursa & Iznik, Gallipoli & Troy, also to Edirne.
We can re-design the tour package according to your time and interest.
Please Contact us in this case and tell us the tour you dream and we will customize it for you.

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