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Turkey Classical Tour- 13 Days

Tour Name: Turkey Private Trip - 13 Days

Type: Group Tour or Private (Personal) Tour

Start & End Point: Istanbul

Operates: Everyday / All Year Round

Tour duration: 12 Nights / 13 Days

Transport: (According to size of your party) Minivan / Minibus / Coach

Stay: (Accommodations in your choice of hotels) Budget / 3 Star / Boutique / 4 Star / 5 Star & Deluxe Hotels

Size: Minimum 1 Person

Tour Code: Tour Code: DT 020

Turkey Private Trip - 13 Days. A Private Trip for you & your family, or friends. Tour visits;

Istanbul, Cappadocia, Konya, Antalya, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Pergamon, Troy, Gallipoli, Phaselis, Kekova, Simena, Kas.

Please Tell us:

-         Your exact arrival & departure dates & times( also flight numbers) for your Airport transfers

-         Number of travelers, their ages

-         Your hotel preference (a Budget Hotel, 3 Star, Boutique, 4 Star, 5 Star or Deluxe Hotels)

-         Tour preference Group tours or a personal (private) tour with your own expert guide?

-         Your must-see Istanbul destinations – If you like to customize your trip ( Mosques, Churches, Bazaars, Palaces, City Walls, Bosphorus, Asian Side, Princes Islands, and all other sites…)

  Detailed itinerary 

Day 1 : Arrival to Istanbul Airport and transfer to hotel  in Sultan ahmet 
Over night in IStanbul  Meal : Not included 

Day 2 : Istanbul Old City Tour 
Pick up from Hotel at 0900 am and istanbul tour .Today we visit : 
 Hippodrome-The horse cart's racing  place during Roman Era, its Obelisk, Orme Pillar,entwined snake pillar are still visible today.
 The Blue Mosque- 17 C AD Mosque , masterpiece of Turkish Islamic Architecture. listed by Unesco in the world heritage list and designed with excellent blue tiles which gives the name to the mosque 
Hagia Sophia- Built in 6 the C as a church during Justinien Era and converted into Mosque by the Turks in 15 C AD .Hagia Sophia  served as a museum to its admirers for many years and converted back to a mosque recently .. listed by Unesco in the world heritage list.
 Topkapi Palace-(Except harem) The residential and administration of Ottoman Sultans which is housing a lot of Sultan's Customes,Thrones, treasures, holy relics, porcelains and tiles. It has  a great view of the Bosphorus. ( listed by Unesco in the world heritage list.)
 The Grand Bazaar- The biggest Covered Bazaar in the world which has about 4000 shops. You 


Topkapi Palace closed on tuesday  replaced with Kariye (Chora) Museum or, Basilica Cistern or Galata Tower

Grand Bazaar  Market on Sunday: Replaced with authentic shops

 Overnight IStanbul 
Meal : Breakfast and lunch 

Day 3 : Half day Istanbul Bosphorus Boat trip and Egyptian Bazaar  tour  and fly to Capapdocia afternoon 
Pick up from your hotel at 0830 am  and drive to Egyption Bazaar which is also called the Spice Market too.

Visit The Bazaar and  embark on Ferry and sail in the the Bosphorus Strait which is separating Europe from Asia .         
The Bosphorus Cruise from Eminonu quay till the Bosphorus bridge and back to the same place .

*Istiklal Street and Taksim Square - We see  the modern face of Istanbul taksim square and istiklal street where there are brand shops 

Afternoon around 1500 pm transfer to airport (Istanbul or Sabiha Gokcen Airport ) and fly to Cappadocia  .
Pick up transfer from Kayseri or Nevsehir Airport and transfer to Hotel in Cappadocia

Overnight Capapdocia 

Meal . Breakfast and lunch 

Day 4 : Fullday Capapdocia tour 

Cappadocia Optional Early Morning Activitiy;

Balloon Flight Tour in Cappadocia - Viewing  the rocky landscape of Cappadocia from the air in the morning by sun rise.

Departure from Hotel at 0900 am and visit :  

*Goreme Open Air Museum - (The best  rock-cut churches & monasteries of Cappadocia  with frescoes. These churches were designed by some professional artists of Constantinapolis in Byzantine era in between 9 th and 13 th C  ).

* Uchisar Cave Houses and Pigeon Houses - We enter to one of the cave houses which is  used as a cafeteria today and have an apple tea while relaxing and feeling the cave life of the earlier times. 

* The Pigeon Valley - The valley which is housing thousands of dove-cotes dug out into the cliff of the valley by the farmers of Cappadocia to collect the guano and fertilize the farms in the past. 

* Pashabagi fairy-chimneys Valley known as Monks Valley as well. We see the natural rock formations resemble the mushrooms with some monks caves in them. Here the monks secluded themselves from the community to feel closer to God just like Simeon of Syria who lived a top of pillar in a small room for 37 years.

* Avanos - Historic Pottery Town of Cappadocia which is located on the banks of Red River .Its inhabitants produced potery since it was estabilshed till today .

* Dervent valley – also called as Pink or Imagination valley with its famous pink rock formations.Here depends on your imagination power you may see many rock formatins look like different figures..The most remarkable one is the siting  stone camel...

* Urgup fairy-chimneys - They are symbol of Cappadocia with their caps on top. There are 5 mushroom -like  rock formations just like a family 

*Rose Valley -One of the best places to watch the sun set in Cappadocia .The color of the valley turns to pink even red in the end of the day .

**The sun set is optional. If you have time we will show you the sun set. Otherwise we just see the valley in the end of the day and go back to your hotel 

 Day 5 : South Cappadocia- Konya ( 250 km ) 
Pick up from Hotel and drive to South of Cappadocia to see the

hidden settlement of the Christians, Underground city and Ihlara Valley We visit : 
 Derinkuyu underground city is the biggest underground settlement in the world . It was carved into the ground as a shelter for the danger times in 7 th and 8 th C. derinkuyu Underground city is 40 meers deep and it has 7 floors and listed by Unesco in the world heritage list.
Ihlara Valley  is the deepest and longest valley of Cappadocia. it is 14 km long and around 120-150 meters deep. There are 4000 man made caves and about 100 rock churches and chapels  carved on both side of the valley . We walk about 4 km along the river which is flowing in the valley and  see some of the churches and viw counless caves. 
* Selime is  the biggest rock-cut monastery in Cappadocia. it is cavred into the cliff in the end of Ihlara valley we do have a photo stop here and departure  to Konya . On the way we stop to see :
Sultanhan Caravanserai a Silk Road Hotel  built in  13 C  for the silk road merchants and their camels-. Sultanhani Caravansarai is the biggest caravanserai in the world.    

Arrival to Konya and check in hotel 

 Overnight stay Konya 

Meal Breakfast , Lunch and dinner 


Day6 : Konya - Antalya ( 290 km )   
After breakfast at hotel we depart to visit  Konya. We see : 

* Konya Mevlana Museum -The Ruling Monastery of The Mevlevi religious Order which is based on human love and tolerance.

 We see Mevlana tomb,the founder of Mawlavi Religous Order and mystic , The dervishes rooms , The kitchen , Belonging of Mevlana and dervishes belonging.
* Ince Minareli Madrasah was a university of islamic and sicence studies ,built in 13 C AD by Seljuk Turks .

and depart to Antalya .We have very scenic drive   . We cross Taurus Mountains and arrive to Mediterreanean. 
We see
Side Apollon Temple  which was built on shores of Mediterranean to protect the sailors by The Romans 
arrival to Antalya and check in hotel 

 Overnight Stay Antalya 

Meal : Breakfast lunch and dinner 

Day 7 : Antalya tour 

Today we explore Antalya and its neighbourhood.Antalya is the capital city of the Turkish Tourism. Beautiful and lovely mediterreanean city. 
We visit :

Aspendos Theather : Aspendos is a Roman Period Theather it  was built in  2 C AD and it  is still used for some performances even today and considred to be the best preserved theather of The Roman Era . 
Perge : An anceint city which was established as early as 12 C BC and then occupied and re-built by the greeks and romans in later centuries. Here we see the stadium, the helenistic gate, the Agora, The colonaded streets , HAdiran Bath , churches etc..
Duden waterfall : Duden waterfall is only 7 km away from Antalya and one of the best waterfalls in Antalya .

* Kaleici - the old city of Antalya which has old houses , churches, towers, mosques , cafeterias ,bars and fish  restaurants and narrow streets paved with stones. 

Over night Stay  Antalya 
Meal . Breakfast and dinner 

 Day 8 : Antalya-Kas  ( 200 km ) 
After breakfast at hotel we drive along the turquoise coasts of Turkey  which is very scenic and the best coastal area of Turkey. We drive between the green and blue, one side is mediterreanean the other side is Toures Mountains . On the way to Kas we visit : 
*Phasalis Ancient city which was established on shores of Mediterranean and has 3 ports. Here we visit the ruins of the city the ancient ports and small beach . We have  a swimming break on beach of Phasalis .
Then we drive to  Demre. We will see
Saint Nicholas church and his  tomb . Saint Nicholas lived here in the 4 th Century.After he died  he was buired here and a church built over his tomb . His sarcophagus  is still in the church. 

 *Myra rock -tombs are lycian tombs carved into the cliff of the mountain beside  the theater  of the ancient city .We see the theather and tombs and we drive to the sunken city. We embark on boat and sail into the sea to see Ucagiz ( Dolichiste City) which was sunken into the water of Mediterranean after an earth quake in 2 C AD. We will sail by our private boat and see the submerged tomb in the water , the ruins of the bath, shipyard, roman bath  etc..

. The lunch will be had on boat, menu is  fresh fish of the day rice and salad. There is also a swimming break in Sunken city beside the old shipyard. 
Disembarkation and  drive to Kas  arrival and check in hotel 

 Overnight stay Kas

Meal . Breakfast and lunch 


Day 9 : Kas -Pamukkale 300 km 
After breakfast we depart to Pamukkale Via Fethiye .

We stop to take picture of Kaputas Beach. 

Upon arrival  we visit : 
Pamukkale white Travertines  :The white calcium formations on slope of Hierapolis Ancient city with small pools full of hot spring water. Pamukkale is listed by Unesco in the world heritage list.

* Hierapolis Ancient city's ruins such as necropolis, Theather ,Frontinus Street , Apollon Temple , Plutonium 

check in Spa Hotel and enjoy the spa facilities.

Overnight stay Pamukkale 
Meal  Breakfast and lunch and dinner 

Day 10 : Pamukkale- Ephesus- Izmir ( 270 km ) 

Today we drive from Pamukkale to Ephesus through Meandros river valley. Upon arrival we visit : 

Ephesus Ancient City : The biggest Roman City of Asia Minor with  which had  approximetly 200.000 people in 3 rd C AD.

Ephesus is the temple of the archeological world . Here we spend around 3 hours to see the ruins such as Agora , Roman Baths, Odeon, Prynthinion , Trajan Fountain , The Library , The Theather , the harbpur street etc.. 
Artemis Temple One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was built in 8 C BC. It was the biggest temple in its era and there were 129 pillars around the temple each one of them with 19 meters hight . Unfortunetly not too much was left in the site to see
* Saint John Tomb and Basilica :Saint john escaped from Jerusalem to Ephesus and  he lived here and died here too. His tomb whis housed by a church and the ruins of the church and his tomb are visible today .. 

* Leather fashion show and shoping opportunity

arrival to Imir and check in hotel.

After dinner strolling in water front of IZmir Kordon. 

 Overnight stay IZmir 
Meal . Breakfast Lunch and dinner 


Day 11 : Izmir- Pergamum- Troy- Canakkale ( 340 km ) 

After breakfast at hotel departure at 0800 am .

 We drive to Canakkale along the west coasts of Turkey , Aegean Coasts .

We stop to visit :  

*Pergamum Acropolis The place where parchment  paper was invented ,the ruins of the city including, Zeus Altar , Athena Temple, The Trajan Temple  , theater and the ruins of the Palaces of the kings of Pergamum Kingdom which was established in 3 C Bc and reigned till 132 BC. (listed by Unesco in the world heritage list)
Asclepion the healing center of Pergamum where the psychotherapy  was practiced and home of Galinus   the famous physician of the Roman Era.

 * Troy -The legendary city where the two great heroes , Achilles and Hector fought . The city was thought to be a myth till Schliman discovered the city in 19 C . . We see the wooden horse in front of the archeological sitand  the acrheological site .

Arrival to Canakkale around 1800 pm and check in hotel 

  Overnight stay Canakkale 

Meal : Breakfast and lunch and dinner 

 Day 12 : Canakkale- Gelipoli-IStanbul  ( 305 km )

 We cross Dardanel strait from Asian Side to European side and and drive to Gelipoli Peninsula where The Anzac and Turks fought in the first world war .

One of the severe clashes of the first world war took place in Gelipoli Peninsula and became the saga of the war . 

we see Anzac Cove , The south beach cemetery, The blody ridge , Lone Pine , The trenches , 57 th Turkish regiment  cemetery  Here.

 the war was as fair as it was severe too . After the war the fighting parties become friend countries.. 

 arrival to IStanbul and check in hotel 

 Fair well dinner at Bosphorus Cruise ship. Included the drinks , Turkish night show -belly dance and Turkish folk dance and life music 

 Meal : Breakfast Lunch and dinner at Crusie ship 

 Overnight stay IStanbul 

 Day 13 : Pick up from hotel and transfer to airport 


• Airport Arrival & Departure transfers in Istanbul

• Airport Arrival transfer in Cappadocia

• All admission fees (Museum Tickets) in tours

• Listed meals only

• 12 Night Accommodations in your choice of hotels (Bed & Breakfast)

• Transportation with comfortable AC nonsmoking Vehicle

* Private boat to the sunken city 

• Professional guiding services during tours by a licensed Guide

• All Highway tickets and Parking fees.

* Domestic flight tickets 

• Taxes



• All customary tips to Guide & Driver

• All Drinks

• All personal expenses

• International Airfare

• Optional Activities 

* Hot air balloon in Capapdocia ( We book it for you with extra fee, the beest price of the day) 

• Laundry

***Please ask for the best price of the season!



Alternatively for any other services or for tailor-made itineraries and quotations, without obligation, just complete the  Create Your Tour Form or Email us:  - now for a fast response


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